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The app reveals what there is to celebrate every day! You can find official holidays in the US and other countries. The app also provides information about official Awareness Days, Commemorative Days and Anniversaries, as well as Religious Festivals, Seasons, School Holidays and Daylight Savings.

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Ad-free and with great additional features: Support us with a purchase!

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Free Version

Free, but with advertising and much less functions.

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After starting the app, today's events are displayed in a list. You will also see a nice image that matches one of those entries. From here you can jump forward and backward in the calendar to see which holidays have just passed and which are yet to come. If you want to know more about an event, you can navigate to detailed information and a brief description.

Product Features:

  • Displays today's events after start in a list.
  • Shows a nice image for the current day.
  • Detail information for each event with a brief description.
  • Navigate backwards and forwards through the calendar.

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